CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH – The Cefic European Chemical Industry Council awarded Emerald Kalama Chemical BV, a business group of Emerald Performance Materials, the 2014 European Responsible Care Energy Efficiency award, citing the group’s use of waste-to-steam energy as an outstanding example of a reduced carbon footprint in the European chemical industry. At a special ceremony during the Cefic annual general assembly in Paris, Emerald’s Rotterdam Site Director Jan Eland accepted the award on Emerald’s behalf. John Mol, Emerald’s Rotterdam HSE&Q Manager, was also present representing the business group.

“This is a great honor to have Emerald and the investment we have made in the green energy project singled out among our peers in the industry - companies that we hold in high regard as our suppliers and customers,” Eland said. “We want to highlight the results that can be accomplished in improving a company's environmental impact when people come together to create a big vision, set forth high goals and diligently work to execute on them one project at a time.”

Emerald Kalama Chemical BV completed construction of the first part of a green energy cooperative in June 2013. The group partnered with Rotterdam-based grid manager Stedin and waste processor and energy supplier AVR to support the Rotterdam Climate Initiative, signing onto a 2 km, high-pressure grid delivering steam energy created from non-recyclable household waste rather than fossil fuels. The steam grid has led to an annual reduction of 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 15 million cubic meters of natural gas usage, with additional reductions expected as the grid network increases. The overall Rotterdam Climate Initiative seeks a 50% reduction of carbon-based emissions by 2025 as compared to its 1990 baseline.

“The steam grid project represents a milestone for our Rotterdam facility and for the business as a whole, as it is a major part of our continued commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by improving air quality and modeling environmental stewardship in the specialty materials industry,” said Brian Denison, Vice President of Operations for Emerald Kalama Chemical. “To have this achievement recognized by Cefic is a major validation of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. In total, our recent investments in HS&E have reduced key emissions by more than 65% in approximately the past decade, as well as significantly reduced our fossil fuel consumption.”

The Cefic Responsible Care awards began in 2004 when, according to a Cefic release, the organization “launched the competition as part of an effort to strengthen the Responsible Care initiative and boost best-practice sharing across Europe.” Representatives from Latexfalt BV and Solvay SA also took home 2014 Responsible Care Awards for Product Stewardship and Environment, respectively.