NEW YORK, NY – Special Materials Co. (SMC) and Dalian Bio Chem have agreed to form a new joint venture in the isothiazolone-based biocide and preservatives markets. DBSM Biocides will formulate, market and sell isothiazolone-based biocides and preservatives throughout the United States, offering customers a new alternative to their current isothiazolone supplier.

The company is headquartered in New York City and has received full registration with the Environmental Protection Agency for its Extracide® CMIT/MIT series of biocides and preservatives. Investments are under way to fully support the business, which include manufacturing, warehousing and laboratory expansions to serve DBSM Biocides’ customers.

Founded in 1996, Special Materials Co. is a global producer and marketer of specialty chemicals.  

Dalian Bio-Chem is a high-tech and Sino-American joint venture chemical company specializing in production of bactericides, antiseptics, and fungicides for industrial and consumer applications.