ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL - PaintSolutions, Commerce, CA., a division of inksolution llc. of Elk Grove Village, IL., has acquired the Synkoloid patch and repair product line from The Muralo Paint Co.

PaintSolutions makes and distributes the Muralo Spackle products, Quick-Tred Floor & Patio Paint, latex fire retardant and Vogue Theatre Paints. The company will continue to manufacture and sell the Muralo line west of the Rockies, in Canada and Mexico.

PaintSolutions will manufacture and market the Synkoloid patch and repair paste product line internationally.

The company also manufactures and sells a line of white latex paint, and has a complete line of universal colorants that allows users to match a full palette of colors quickly and easily.

PaintSolutions also has a plant in California with an array of equipment available to toll manufacture various acrylic products, such as coatings and dispersions.