Intersleek® 381/425 from AkzoNobel’s International®brand is an advanced high-technology long-life fouling control system now available for the North American power and water and wastewater segment.

Designed specifically for use in wet or underwater service applications, Intersleek 381/425 helps significantly reduce maintenance and cleaning costs associated with fouling control without the harmful environmental impact of biocides. When applied with standard spray equipment and used in conjunction with suitable anticorrosive primers, the thermally and chemically resistant three-coat system offers a highly effective, long-life fouling solution:

  • First Coat:       Intershield 300HS – a thick-film corrosion-resistant primer;
  • Second Coat:  Intersleek 381 – a modified silicone polymer that attaches to a non-slick finish to provide the first level of antifouling defense; and
  • Third Coat:      Intersleek 425 – an advanced silicone polymer that produces a low tension, non-stick surface (the coatings’ low-energy surface tension makes it difficult for biofouling to effectively attach, even at low water currents).

Typical areas of antifouling application include: penstocks and trash screens, sewage clarifier tanks, fresh water intakes, tunnels, and fresh water channels.