WESEL, Germany – The development team behind DISPERBYK-2200® has received the BYK Advance Innovation Prize.

The high-quality stabilization of phthalocyanine pigments and carbon blacks in solvent-borne coating systems, printing inks and inkjet inks was the driver for developing DISPERBYK-2200. To meet the challenges of very small particles – accompanied by a very large specific surface area – and various surface treatments of the phthalocyanine pigments, the development of a new type of polymeric structure became necessary. This led, for the first time in BYK’s history, to the large-scale realization of a solid wetting and dispersing additive, which was the key to winning over the jury that awards the internal innovation prize each year.

DISPERBYK-2200, which is available in pellet form, is characterized by significant reduction of the grinding and final application viscosity, obvious improvement in the color strength and transparency of phthalocyanine pigments, and increased jetness of fine-sized carbon blacks in solvent-borne applications. In addition, the newly developed polymeric structure type, in combination with the large-scale manufacture of solid wetting and dispersing additives that has been achieved, forms the perfect basis for future product developments – precisely in those areas of application, which it is virtually impossible to develop with products delivered in liquid form.