H76 high-performance UV-curable inks are designed specifically for the HP® 7500™ and HP 7600™ printers when using the FB225™ ink series. With many new benefits, it is the latest TRIANGLE® brand super-wide-format application developed specifically to meet the needs of printers producing work for outdoor POP display, transit signage and packaging applications.

Available in six basic colors plus white, light black and orange, H76 is color and chemically compatible with the OEM inks but takes performance to the next level with outstanding attributes. Besides offering superior adhesion in comparison to the OEM, it was designed to allow for a 20% reduction in lamp strength, for more sustainable products.

H76 white ink has a much brighter white hue and is more stable compared to OEM inks, which appear to have an off-white shade and tend to clog filters. H76 also has a lower purge rate, exhibits low tack after the curing process is complete, and light colors are proving to cure better. It’s available in five-liter bottles that can be installed directly into the printer.

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