ABINGTON, UK - World Endurance Championship LMP2 entrant Strakka Racing is the latest team to become a technical partner of coatings specialists Zircotec. Strakka Racing, currently co-developing the new Strakka DOME S103 car, will have access to an entire range of thermal management products and be among the first to trial new technologies from Zircotec’s research projects. In return, Zircotec will receive real-world test data to understand how its coatings perform in high-performance endurance applications.

“Strakka Racing is our highest profile and most prestigious technical partner,” says Zircotec’s Managing Director Terry Graham. “This partnership will enable us to acquire data about how our coating performs over long race durations and in testing conditions. As a ‘cost-capped’ car, we also will be trialing more affordable technologies than those typically selected for LMP cars. An example would be using lower-cost aluminum-coated sheet to replace the gold reflective foils often found at this level.”

“Thermal management is a key reliability factor in sports car racing,” says Sports Car Team Manager Karl Patman. “We look forward to using Zircotec’s expertise to solve any heat issues we encounter during development and having access to more affordable products that are in the spirit of the ‘cost capped’ regulations."

Zircotec has already prepared a ThermoHold® coated exhaust set for the first S103 that will be used to acquire data for back-to-back tests with an uncoated manifold. Zircotec plans to share the results at the end of the season.