PERFORMALOC advanced productivity coatings are a new category of cross-linked coatings featuring a proprietary combination of low-VOC resins that cure fast and hard, thus eliminating the need for baking or force-drying of metal parts.

These coatings are designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that coat metal parts such as those used in agricultural equipment, locomotives and rail cars, outdoor furniture, light poles, exterior electrical cabinets and hardware, trailers, and shipping containers.

Because the coatings dry extremely fast and to a hard, durable finish, they are ideal for OEMs and part suppliers that have limited or no baking capabilities. They also can reduce energy costs, increase production throughput and yield lower labor costs.

The coatings offer superior color and gloss retention; excellent resistance to chemicals, marring, salt spray and humidity; and exceptional performance in accelerated weather testing. They also provide an expanded recoat window that lasts from days to weeks without the need for significant preparation or sanding, which can help improve process efficiency for OEMs and part suppliers.

PerformaLoc coatings can be formulated in custom colors and, when paired with compatible PPG wet-on-wet epoxy or polyurethane primers, outperform other top-rated polyurethane coatings. They apply like conventional polyurethanes because of their low viscosity.