This comprehensive air-supply, mask, and hood system will supply cool, fresh breathable air to a respirator mask or hood for two men operating up to 200 feet away from the system, making it ideal for insulation installers, automotive and marine applications, welders, tank restoration, hazmat/asbestos removal, and any other application requiring a fresh-air respirator system. It was designed to eliminate exhaustion, cramps, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and weakness usually associated with poor ventilation in the workplace.

The Tennessee Chill Box produces and supplies fresh or air-conditioned air to respirators. NIOSH requires a minimum of 4 CFM for mask application and 6 CFM for hood respirators, with a maximum 15 CFM to the end-user. The Tennessee Chill Box produces 97 CFM’s at the exterior manifold, far exceeding safety requirements allowing the use of dual-air lines.