Synthomer, a global producer of dispersions for the construction and coatings industry, is launching its latest range of speciality products for coatings, construction and adhesives at the ECS at Stand 7-344. Among the next-generation binders are water-based binders for parquet coatings (Plextol W 1078), joinery coatings (Plextol W 1080), waterproofing membranes (Lipaton SB 60B11), binders for thin-film fire protection coatings (Emultex FR 728 and Emultex FR 797) and a series of  pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) products featuring ultralow VOC and low fogging for the  automotive industry.

These binders facilitate the formulation of products that are more environmentally friendly, low VOC, APEO free and formaldehyde free, and make products more sustainable in many aspects.

Lars Wallstein, Director of Synthomer´s Strategic Business Unit Construction & Coatings, said, “Environmental factors and the development of materials that are more sustainable are the key driver for innovations in the coatings and construction markets. It´s not just about meeting legal requirements on environmental standards, we need to make smarter (meaning longer-lasting, easier-to-apply and better-performing) products. This is our key focus at ECS 2015, where we will demonstrate how our water-based products can help make a growing number of speciality industry segments more sustainable.”

Plextol W 1078 – For Water-Based Parquet Coatings

Synthomer offers a range of waterborne, environmentally friendly binders for interior and exterior wood coatings that are APEO- and formaldehyde-free. This product range is now complemented by the new Plextol W 1078. This latest product is an ambient-temperature, self-crosslinking acrylic binder for parquet and furniture that provides excellent hardness and scratch resistance as well as offering high chemical resistance. Aesthetically, Plextol W 1078 results in good levelling and warmth of wood. Formulations with Plextol W 1078 are a very versatile alternative to classic PUD or PU-acrylate formulations.

Plextol W 1080 – New Wood Coatings Binder

Plextol W 1080 is an ambient-temperature, self-crosslinking acrylic binder for joinery coatings that features excellent surface wetting, cold elasticity, blocking and weather resistance. It is used in coatings with excellent durability, which fulfils standards like EN 927-2 for coatings on dimensional stable wood. It can be applied to both translucent and opaque systems. The new product is based on proprietary core-shell technology. Formulations based on Plextol W 1080 can be produced with very low amounts of coalescencing agents or solvents and fulfil the requirements of environmental friendly coatings.

Lipaton SB60B11 – More Opportunities for Waterproofing

Liquid-applied membranes for waterproofing have become more important in construction and renovation of buildings. Lipaton SB 60B11 has been developed to match increasing demands for binders that meet the most stringent workplace hygiene requirements. This high-performance XSBR binder combines excellent adhesion and elasticity performance with low VOC and low odor properties. By utilizing the latest technology in latex production, this waterproofing binder is capable of achieving excellent application properties such as reduced water vapor transmission rate and water uptake with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Emultex FR 797 – Doubles Intumescent Coatings Fire Protection 

Emultex FR 797 is designed to ensure that intumescent coatings stimulate an extensive development of insulating foam at high temperatures for protection of steel structures for up to 120 minutes. The binder features excellent water resistance and high film flexibility. When exposed to heat it demonstrates properties that slowly build a very compact foam, which is key to the extended protection time.

Plextol DS 171 – Bringing Water-Based PSA Technology to Automotive Applications

Synthomer has built a unique polymer portfolio focused on the technically demanding applications of pressure sensitive adhesives. The range of pure acrylic dispersions enables customers to formulate tailor-made adhesives for highly demanding products such as speciality tapes used in the automotive and construction industries. The Plextol DS product series features ultralow VOC values combined with excellent adhesion to low-energy surfaces. The new Plextol DS 171 has been designed for automotive applications that additionally require excellent water resistance and low fogging values.