Eastman’s Stand, 7-536, features the company’s cellulose esters, adhesion promoters, specialty solvents, specialty monomers, coalescents, specialty ketones, resins intermediates, rheology control agents, plasticizers and hydrocarbon resins for the coating, ink and adhesives industries.

Also being showcased towards the polyurethane dispersion (PUD) market is TamiSolve® NxG, a next-generation, high-performance safer cosolvent for water-based polyurethanes. Recently launched by Taminco, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman, NxG has a favorable safety, health and environmental profile compared with NMP and NEP. Through testing in PUD coating systems, NxG has been identified as a true process equivalent to NMP. NxG has also demonstrated improved coalescence ability and dispersibility while maintaining viscosity control in final PUD systems as compared with NMP. NxG provides formulators the opportunity to reduce both DMPA (dimethylolpropionic acid) content and cosolvents while maintaining end properties similar to those of NMP-based formulations. Potentially reducing DMPA and other cosolvents can be advantageous as formulators look to achieve specific safety profiles without negatively impacting performance. 

According to Wouter Reyntjens, Global Market Manager, Solvents, at Taminco, “Tamisolve NxG now gives PUD chemists the ability to formulate reduced-VOC systems with equivalent or superior film formation and similar dry times. In many cases, NxG enhances the physical properties of the PUD coating due to improved film formation and better PUD system dispersibility.” NxG is a logical choice for PUD coating formulators seeking to balance safety and performance attributes. Testing demonstrates that NxG is not classified for developmental or genotoxicity and is inherently biodegradable.

 For more information, visit www.eastman.com