STUTTGART, Germany – Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. has expanded customer support and service capabilities for Elevance Aria™ WTP 40 synthetic base stock customers in the United States and Europe through a collaboration with E-360 Inc.

“Results from initial customer evaluations and field testing of Elevance Aria WTP 40-based lubricant solutions have been strong, even exceeding expectations based on laboratory tests,” said Robin Weitkamp, Senior Vice President, Lubricants and Additives for Elevance. “Our collaboration with E-360 is an extension of the positive customer feedback we’ve had and will allow Elevance to service a broader set of customers and markets that can benefit from the performance advantages consistently being demonstrated by Elevance Aria WTP 40.”

E-360’s presence in Europe significantly expands Elevance’s ability to respond to customer needs for its new synthetic base stock — from initial interest and inquiry, through the product qualification and sales process, to ordering and delivery of Elevance Aria WTP 40. It is the first time that E-360 will provide support for Elevance customers in the European market.

Elevance Aria WTP 40 fulfills an increasing market need by providing a high-viscosity base stock that combines the composition and properties of esters and PAO into a single, high-performance product.

Elevance also will be offering a field trial support program to help customers accelerate Aria-based reformulation projects and commercialization activities. As part of the program, Elevance will collaborate with qualified customers to help support field trial efforts.