D-Zolve™ from Solvent Kleene is a fast-acting stripper ideally suited for removing a powder coating or paint from motorcycles frames, gas tanks and wheel rims. Parts are placed in an immersion tank containing the D-Zolve solution, enabling it to react with the surface coating, penetrating and dissolving the layers that need to be removed. The solid particles drop to the bottom of the tank, and any remaining residue on the stripped parts can be rinsed off with water. D-Zolve products are also available as brush-on or spray-on strippers.

D-Zolve is suitable for use on aluminum, steel, magnesium, and most metals and alloys. Serving as a high-performance replacement for chlorinated solvents, it is non carcinogenic and non-flammable, and provides a safe alternative to burn off, sand blasting and shot blasting.

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