North American Polymer Co., also known as NAPCO, has launched a new paint stripper, Sonic Strip, specifically formulated to contain no methylene chloride. The new, solvent-based paint stripper is available for purchase on NAPCO’s website in the gallon size.

Sonic Strip was developed as a methylene chloride-free product primarily for use on ceramic surfaces such as tubs, tile, showers and sinks. It also can be applied to other substrates. The paint stripper is formulated with strong vertical cling, so it will easily remain on any surface upon which it is brushed or poured. After 10 to 15 minutes of processing time, the stripper can be chipped with a razor in order to strip the film from the substrate.

In addition to product’s effective and safe stripping properties, NAPCO’s new paint stripper makes for an easy cleanup. This product lifts the film up from the substrate and keeps it more intact, ensuring that it comes off in large sheets instead of small chips. For ease of use, there is a humectant built into the stripper to prevent it from drying, though a lighter coat may need to be applied if it has been sitting for many hours.