This new and improved explosion-proof LED light fixture is approved for paint spray booths. A four-foot, two-lamp Class 1 and Class 2 Division 1 LED light fixture, it is suitable for manufacturing and coating applications because of its T6 temperature rating and paint spray booth certification.

The light fixture is ideal for operators seeking top-quality lighting that will reduce operating costs, improve lighting quality and reduce downtime incurred from frequent servicing intervals. This fixture is equipped with specially designed LEDT-series bulbs that produce 7,000 lumens, resulting in 30 percent more foot candles of illumination at eight feet as compared to standard T8 lamps when measured with an Extech light meter. These 28 watt LED lamps produce 125 lumens per watt and offer lower amp draw and increased reliability. The LED assembly is mounted within the tube constructed from extruded aluminum and a polycarbonate lens. The solid-state design of light-emitting diodes provides a more reliable, stable, and energy efficient light source over traditional fluorescent lighting.