CLEVELAND - The Lubrizol Corp.'s Performance Coatings business released a new video that provides customers a glimpse into the breadth and depth of its performance textile coatings capabilities.

"Some customers may not have a complete understanding of Lubrizol's extensive water-based performance textile coating capabilities," said Matt Dudas, Lubrizol Global Market Segment Manager. "On the surface, we can often make the problem solving that we do for customers look easy. But behind the scenes, each project can be quite involved. We wanted the industry see how our sales team, formulation chemists, polymer synthesis chemists and testing technicians all work together to develop solutions that help make products more valuable to consumers."

The video conveys how a team of global Lubrizol experts collaborates with customers to earn a solid appreciation for market needs. It then goes on to highlight how chemists apply decades of experience to formulate a custom blend of technologies that work synergistically to achieve a balance of performance characteristics. The video explores how Lubrizol synthesis labs function to develop fresh chemistries when completely new levels of performance are required. Finally, the video features the exhaustive testing procedures Lubrizol runs to ensure the final coating will deliver on all functional, aesthetic and production requirements.

"We're excited to make this new video available to customers, concludes Dudas. "In the past, the only way to experience Lubrizol capabilities was to visit several of our global labs, meet the people and hear their work stories. We feel this video is something of a virtual lab tour - the next best thing to visiting our team in person. We expect this video will be the conversation starter that a visit to our labs always turns out to be - catalyzing the exploration of next-generation textile coatings".