OSHKOSH, WI — Advanced Coatings Inc. recently announced that it will offer new powder coating services at its Oshkosh, Wisconsin, facility. The addition of a state-of-the-art Nordson ColorMax 3 powder coating booth makes Advanced Coatings Inc. (ACI) a full-service technical coatings provider, with expertise in custom coatings, e-coat, pre-treatment, military coatings and liquid coatings.  ACI supports a variety of manufacturers and industries, including defense, agriculture, construction, mining, outdoor recreation and industrial.  

Powder coating delivers a premium finish that also stands up to the rigors of heavy use. Additionally, a specific feature of the Nordson ColorMax 3 system is the flexibility it gives ACI to easily and efficiently change colors and finishes in a fraction of the time of other traditional coatings practices – a benefit for both large- and small-batch runs. This means less waste, greater quality and better efficiency for ACI’s current and future customers.

The ACI powder coat system features 10 automatic powder coat guns, two manual guns for pre- and post-process touch ups, a five-stage automatic washer, convection dry-off, overhead cure oven, E-Room, cooling tunnels, and a six-foot-per-minute integrated conveyor system for touchless transportation. ACI has also implemented an automated quality testing system integrated directly into the powder coat line to meet the most rigorous testing standards. The system delivers data in real time, allowing ACI to deliver premier coatings consistently and efficiently while also providing trackable insights on quality.

“The addition of advanced powder coating technology to our portfolio makes ACI one of the premier technical coatings providers in the United States,” said Jim Kacmarcik, President of ACI. “The addition of the Nordson ColorMax 3 system makes ACI a one-stop-show, and we believe our expanded capabilities will simplify the finishing process for manufactured products of all shapes and sizes. That trend, when matched with our dedication to service and quality, positions us well for long-term growth.”

ACI works with customers across the Midwest and in other portions of the United States, and is an OEM-approved vendor for leading manufacturers in the defense, heavy equipment, mining, agriculture and industrial sectors.

ACI’s powder coat line accepts steel and aluminum parts up to 48-inches wide and 60-inches high. The line is now fully operational. To learn more about powder coating at ACI, visit https://advcoatingsinc.com/powder-coating