Air Products is introducing the latest additions to its innovative portfolio of defoamers -Airase® 4750V and 4800 defoamers -at Booth 308.

Airase 4750V and 4800 oil-based defoamers are effective foam-control additives for use in a wide variety of applications including architectural and industrial coatings, inks and adhesives. Airase 4750V is a proprietary vegetable oil-based defoamer, whereas Airase 4800 is a 100%-active, mineral oil-based defoamer. Both defoamers are designed for excellent film compatibility with sustained, long-term defoaming performance and are currently available in North America.

“With the launch of these new Airase defoamers, we continue to expand our defoamer offering so that we are able to offer formulators a wide variety of options to address their foam control needs,” said Chris Henkee, Global Marketing Manager, Additives, for Air Products. “With defoamers based on mineral oils, organic oils, siloxanes and Air Products’ own unique Gemini molecules, we are able to offer the formulator a means to quickly optimize formulation performance, minimize reformulation time and effort, keep formulation costs under control, or simply find more environmentally preferred products.”

Air Products is also highlighting its portfolio of DynolTM superwetting surfactants, which provide both low equilibrium and dynamic wetting, and are engineered for system compatibility, as well as contributing little or no foam. Uniquely, Air Products is proud to offer four different classes of superwetters, each class with different attributes based on the nature of the superwetting surfactant molecules employed. The Dynol superwetting surfactants are particularly useful in formulations designed to be used in high-speed applications or to wet difficult-to-wet surfaces such as plastics, wood or even oil-contaminated metals.

Air Products also offers a complete line of high-performance ZetaSperse® dispersants for resin-free and resin-containing systems, as well as a variety of performance-enhancing additives for dispersion formulation. To better enable formulators in choosing the right dispersant, the company has developed the Formulators Assistant ZetaSperse Tool (FAZT), which allows formulators to quickly find the proper dispersant product recommendation and dispersion starting point formulation. Visit to access this tool online or from your mobile platform.

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