Dow Coating Materials’ binders, dispersants, rheology modifiers and surfactants are designed to add performance and functionality to architectural and industrial coatings, and are on display at Booth 212. Products include:

PARALOID™ Edge isocyanate1-free technology: A first in solventborne two-component (2K) urethane technology, PARALOIDEdge technology boasts a high-performance, ambient crosslinking system that decouples pot life from cure time and is isocyanate-free1 and formaldehyde-free2.The combination of benefits offered by thistechnology make it a distinctive offering in an expanding variety of markets including auto refinishing, agriculture and construction equipment, maintenance and protective coatings for metal, and industrial wood.

MAINCOTE™ AEH acrylic epoxy hybrid: Combining the durability of acrylics with the chemical resistance of epoxies, MAINCOTEAEH resin is a novel hybrid technology for 2Kconcrete coatings that offers ultra-low-VOC capability while lengthening pot life and accelerating dry/cure time.

MAINCOTE™ 4950 acrylic resin: A broad utility binder for low-VOC coatings, MAINCOTE4950 resin offers excellent hardness properties, improved corrosion resistance and high gloss capability. The resincan offer a single resin solution that meets the wide range of regulatory requirements across the variety of applications within commercial architecture without sacrificing sustainability or performance.

ACRYSOL™ RM-725 rheology modifier: Helps developa PVA paint that offers smoother surfaces, more applied hidingand no-drip sag resistance. The rheology modifier isa solvent-free3, easy-pouring HEUR for vinyl acrylic, vinyl acetate ethylene and other acrylic binder systems. Powered by ACID SUPPRESSION™ technology, this next-generation HEUR brings breakthrough sag-flow balance to the contractor paint space, as well as DIY formulations. It is solvent-free3, APEO free4 and contributes to ICI viscosity.

Exterior Wood Applications

Dow offers a broad portfolio of waterborne binder technologies, starting formulations, and technical support to meet exterior wood coating needs.

Semi-Transparent Stains: Highlighting grain and texture while protecting wood, AVANSE™ ST-410 binder is designed for waterborne semi-transparent deck and siding stains, offering advanced UV durability and early water resistance properties.

Solid Color Stains: When more opacity to UV and/or visible light is desired, RHOPLEX™ AC-464, RHOPLEX PR-33 and RHOPLEX409 binders for opaque stains offer excellent adhesion, outstanding exterior durability and enhanced dirt pickup resistance.

Wood Restoration Coatings: Designed to rejuvenate well weathered wood, RHOPLEX DCR-317 and RHOPLEXDCR-113 binders build on Dow’s acrylic chemistry to meet the unique needs of deck and concrete restoration coatings.

Dow experts are also givingpresentations at the show, including:

Tuesday, June 2: (9:40 a.m. to 10:10 a.m.) Controlling Wet Hiding with TiO2 Reduction Strategies in Architectural Coatings

Wednesday, June 3: (8:40 a.m. to 9:10 a.m.) Weathering the Elements – Why Real World Data is Critical in Developing Polymers for the Exterior Market

Wednesday, June 3: (11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) Relevant Preservative Testing: The Importance of Robust Microbial Challenge Testing to Mimic Paint Manufacturing Conditions


1Manufactured without isocyanate

2Manufactured without formaldehyde or formaldehyde generators

3Manufactured without added solvent

 4Manufactured without added solvent and without the use of APEO surfactant