Increasing production capacity and setting a monthly production record are targeted goals for all manufacturers. To achieve this, all equipment and systems must work in perfect unison and perform to optimal efficiency.

The Situation

A large specialty chemical manufacturer located in Ohio was experiencing unsatisfactory production levels due to the plant’s old, outdated, inefficient equipment. The manufacturer was looking to upgrade the process equipment in order to increase the overall level of production. The resulting increase in output was needed to keep up with demand.

The Solution

The Kenics branded heat exchanger, produced by NOV, was recommended as a critical component in the process. The Kenics heat exchanger provided more efficient, cost-effective processing of the chemical. At the heart of the heat exchanger is Kenics static mixer technology which exclusively offers the highest available heat transfer coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. NOV personnel engineered, manufactured and installed the Kenics heat exchanger system. The heat exchanger system proved to be an easy installation right out of the box, saving installation time and money.

The Kenics heat exchanger consists of a continuous string of static mixer elements within each heat exchanger tube. Fluid flow is directed radially toward the pipe walls and back to the element, regardless of velocity. Additionally, momentum reversal and flow division also contributes to the mixing efficiency. All processed material is continuously and completely intermixed to eliminate radial gradients in temperature and material composition. As a result, Kenics heat exchangers provide predictable, controlled mixing and the most efficient form of thermal transfer available today.

By using Kenics static mixer elements in each heat exchanger tube, the film build-up commonly associated with empty tubes is significantly reduced. Process fluid is continuously pushed from the center of each tube, to the wall and back to the center, eliminating thermal gradients and boosting the inside film coefficient.

Kenics static mixer elements are furnace brazed to the pipe walls. The resultant enhanced surface area and internal flow division and radial mixing action dramatically enhance transfer rates. Removable elements are also available for applications requiring periodic cleaning during product change-overs.

The Result

In the evolution of continuous process engineering improvements, this manufacturer set a monthly production record shortly after installing the new Kenics heat exchanger.

The new heat exchanger is operating at a U-value of around 140 btu/hr. ft2 F. The old heat exchanger was barely operating at a U-value of 15.

 Kenics is a brand of National Oilwell Varco and leader in the design of static mixers. For more information, visit

By Chemineer