The AirCoat™ Series of professional fine finishing sprayers are new air powered, air-assisted airless sprayers that provide a consistent, superior finish for virtually all fine finishing applications like cabinets, furniture, doors, trim and small metal finishing.

Working in conjunction with an air compressor, AirCoat Series sprayer systems provide greater control of spray due to lower fluid pressure, enabling the finest atomization, cloudless operation and smooth bubble-free finishes. They will spray solvent- and water-based paints, primers, varnishes, polyurethanes, stains and lacquers, slow-setting 2K coatings and UV hardening paints. AirCoat Series sprayers are designed primarily for small- to medium-sized wood and metal finishing shops.

Premium features standard on each AirCoat Series sprayer include stainless steel fluid sections that enable the use of all fine finishing coatings, pulsation dampers that minimize pressure fluctuations, convenient mufflers for lower operating noise levels and manifold filters. Additional standard features include an air filter, dual regulator, air lubricator, fluid pressure gauge and two air pressure gauges.

The Titan AirCoat Series includes two models: AirCoat 423 – 4-inch air motor,.50 GPM delivery, 2,670 PSI; and AirCoat 620 – 6-inch air motor, 1.25 GPM delivery, 2,320 PSI.

Titan also offers flexible configurations for the AirCoat Series. Customers have the choice of a cart or a spider mount, and can order the sprayer “Bare” or “Complete,” which includes a Titan 3600 AA gun, flat tip, and 50-foot air and fluid hose.

AirCoat Series are available in the United States and Canada at professional equipment and industrial supply distributors