Dymax Corp.’s UVCS LED light-curing conveyor system offers consistent, fast, safe and efficient LED curing. It is a versatile, mesh-belt-type conveyor that is designed for bench- or table-top operations. The system can accommodate up to four BlueWave® LED flood arrays and includes a choice of three different wavelengths (365 nm, 385 nm, or 405 nm). Consistent line speed, adjustable lamp height and stable intensity provide a repeatable, uniform light-curing process for optimized throughput, and the conveyors are easy to operate and maintain. They are environmentally friendly with no ozone generation, mercury-free lamps, and less energy consumption than conventional UV-curing lamps.

The conveyors are designed for curing LED-curable adhesives, coatings and inks that react in the UVA and/or visible spectral ranges, and offer curing widths of up to 10" on a 12"-wide platform. The units have adjustable belt speeds of 1 to 32 fpm and adjustable lamp-to-belt distance to address a variety of application requirements.

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