AVON, OH - Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC), Avon, OH, has re-appointed HÜNI + CO, Friedrichshafen, Germany, as its sole ChemLINE® coatings applicator in Europe for tank containers. The signing of this new contract solidifies a more than 10-year working relationship between the two companies, which began in 2004. Present at the signing were Donald J. Keehan, Chairman of Advanced Polymer Coatings, and Peter Hüni, President of HÜNI + CO, along with other members of the management and sales teams.

HÜNI + CO’s history dates back to its founding in 1859. The company added high-performance coating application for corrosion protection to its services in 1959 and has been involved in coating tanks, containers and various apparatus since then. The company is one of Europe’s leading tank container applicators.

Hüni noted that the market is now growing for lined product tanks. “There is a need for specialized tank containers with protective linings that can carry high-value corrosives and other liquids, thus generating higher revenue.”

Proper heat curing of ChemLINE creates a highly cross-linked and tightly knit coating structure that provides unprecedented chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures. The coating has a smooth gloss finish that is easily cleaned. HÜNI + CO has had many successful ChemLINE applications on a range of transport and processing equipment, including IBCs, product tank containers, bulk chemical storage tanks, process reactors and scrubber columns. HÜNI + CO coats new-build tank containers as well as replacing failed or damaged linings in existing tank containers with ChemLINE.