AVON, OH — Coating manufacturer Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) is gearing up production after signing a new deal with Chinese ship owner Shandong Shipping to supply a fleet of 50,000 DWT medium range tankers with tank coatings.

Headquartered in Avon, Ohio, APC makes the MarineLINE protective cargo tank coating. The new deal follows the successful completion of an earlier contract with Shandong for APC to apply MarineLINE to eight new 50,000 DWT MR product/chemical tankers to be chartered to Shell for its Shell Project Solar program. That deal saw APC supply MarineLINE to the New Times Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., at the Xingang Port in Jingjiang City. The deal was completed in November 2021.

APC President David Keehan says the new agreement will begin in July 2022 and will again supply the New Times Shipyard. The latest vessels will also be chartered by Shell as part of Shell Project Solar.

“To win repeat business from Shandong and Shell on this high-profile project is testament to the hard work and effort of all involved,” said Keehan.  “Each ship has 20 cargo tanks, including two slop tanks, which require MarineLINE coating, along with application inspection, and full heat curing services. So, this will be an extensive job for our team working with the specialists at New Times Shipbuilding with whom we have developed a close working relationship.”

Learn more about APC at www.adv-polymer.com