COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – PPG Asian Paints Lanka Ltd. announced the launch in Sri Lanka of ENVIROBASE™ High Performance (HP) automotive refinish paints. According to the company, this is the first eco-friendly waterborne automotive paints introduced in Sri Lanka for use by the refinishing industry. Prestige Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd. is the first PPG Asian Paints customer in Sri Lanka to convert to using the waterborne products in its operation.

With low VOC levels that comply with increasingly strict limits in many countries, waterborne coatings now protect and beautify most new vehicles produced around the world. The Envirobase HP line is the leading premium waterborne basecoat refinishing system globally, according to Biju Ramachandran Nair, Country Manager for PPG Asian Paints, and introducing these paints in Sri Lanka will enable local refinishers to use the latest technology that is approved by most of the world’s leading automotive brands.

“Water-based coatings contain less hazardous content than do traditional paint products, providing better air quality for users, and easy and safe storage and disposal,” Nair said. “Along with these benefits, Envirobase HP coatings also offer industry-leading color-match accuracy and are easy to apply, ensuring consistent color delivery from mix to mix and across vehicle panels.”

PPG Asian Paints is a joint venture of PPG Industries and Asian Paints, a leading manufacturer and supplier of coatings in Asia.