Huntsman launched two new waterborne epoxy curing agents. Available under the ARADUR® brand, these new products are designed for use in construction and anti-corrosive coatings.

Developed for the formulation of two-component anticorrosion primers for metal, zinc-rich primers and direct-to-metal coatings for industrial, marine and shipping container applications, ARADUR 3951 multifunctional polyamide curing agent can help create coatings with a low VOC content, quick drying properties, a long pot life and excellent corrosion protection

Delivering high gloss and good UV resistance, ARADUR 36 waterborne epoxy curing agent is ideal for use in epoxy flooring and wall coatings, and systems created for other civil engineering projects.

The JEFFAMINE®M series of polyetheramines are colorless and easy to handle. These performance chemistries are used to modify epoxy resins and prepare high-performance waterborne emulsions. JEFFAMINE M1000 polyetheramine, which is a white and waxy solid at room temperature, can be used in the emulsification of epoxy resins, while JEFFAMINE M2070 polyetheramine is a water-soluble monofunctional primary amine that can be used to modify a variety of resin types. Visit