EUGENE, OR – Industrial Finishes & Systems Inc. has entered into an exclusive national distribution agreement with Hybrid Coating Technologies (HCT) for several of HCT’s coating formulations. HCT has developed Green Polyurethane™, the first-ever modified hybrid polyurethane (currently used in coatings and paint) manufactured without the use of toxic isocyanates throughout the entire production process.

The result is TRUE Green Poly™, a substitute for conventional polyurethane and epoxies that is much less toxic, has superior properties and may provide up to 30-60 percent in reduced application costs. TRUE Green Poly featuring Green Polyurethane is the first and only commercially available zero-isocyanate hybrid polyurethane coating. The product emits such low odor that it can be applied in environments that make conventional toxic, isocyanate-based polyurethane coatings difficult to use, such as hospitals and schools.

Recently, Green Polyurethane was the recipient of the 2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the American Chemical Society. The award program recognizes “landmark green chemistry technologies developed by industrial pioneers and leading scientists in the field of green chemistry.”

According to Industrial Finishes & Systems Chairman and CEO Stuart Barr, “We’re excited to have the opportunity to bring this much-needed product to market. This is truly a game-changer. In today’s world, eliminating harmful VOCs and isocyanates is an increasingly important focus. HCT’s chemistry allows us to bring products to market that eliminate isocyanates while providing a superior finish and easy application.”

“Industrial Finishes has a strong management team with a vision toward the future of coatings. They also have a highly motivated sales team with a record of success. We believe this will be an exceptional partnership and are excited about the product launch,” said Joseph Kristul, President and CEO of HCT.