ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Woodgrain Millwork, Inc. and PureColor announced the two companies’ co-developed, ready-to-install Prefinished Interior Door and Trim Packages. The packages give builders and remodelers the choice of a custom-stained appearance and the benefits of PureColor’s high-performance green finishing system.

Buying prefinished reduces costs and shortens project times by eliminating the need for applying coatings in the field. “Offering the appeal of stained wood without the hassle of finishing onsite, at less than the cost of painting, just makes too much sense. Plus it fits with a long-term trend of delivering products to the jobsite prepared for installation,” stated Chris Traylor, PureColor CEO. PureColor stains are all zero VOC, creating an opportunity for builders to meet the growing demand for greener building materials and healthier indoor air environments.

“Pre-stained Interior Door and Trim Packages help builders deliver the features of upscale homes at an affordable price point for homeowners looking for a custom look. We are happy to be the first company to offer this choice on a national scale,” commented Kim Allen, Woodgrain Millwork’s General Manager. The packages are similar to the high-end finished wood seen in custom homes.

The Interior Door and Trim packages will be available through Woodgrain’s extensive nationwide distribution network. Both company’s products are American made.