PHILADELPHIA - Cromax®, one of the three premium global refinish brands of Axalta Coating Systems, recently revealed its renovated and modernized training headquarters for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, in Mechelen, Belgium. Extensive work was carried out at The Cromax Training Centre (CTC) in two phases over two years and has seen the facility being completely overhauled – both cosmetically and technologically – to become the key training destination for refinishers from EMEA.

Koen Silverans, Training Leader for Cromax in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said, “Our European training headquarters for Cromax is now the jewel-in-the-crown of our training centers in the region, and we hope serves as an inspiration for them. The CTC is not only a welcoming, comfortable place to meet and to learn, but also it is our resource for training our international customers, our importers and our Cromax trainers from other EMEA countries, ensuring a consistently high quality across all our training centers. The CTC also supports our color lab and is the link between central sales, marketing and the product group.”

The extensive scope of the renovation, both internally and externally, included major modernization as well as some general cosmetic refits. Phase one started modestly with the new Cromax totem and signage for the on-site body shop being installed in March 2014. These reflect the Cromax visual identity, but also serve a very functional purpose of identifying the CTC for all visitors. Phase two, which included a full structural upgrade to the entrance and other internal refurbishments and redecoration, took place during 2015.

The modernization of the facility means that internally the 2,000 square meters CTC is very different from before. From an open, light and flexible reception area with a mini Cromax museum, to spacious classrooms and meeting rooms with the latest audio/visual equipment, the functional space has been completely optimized and is able to accommodate up to 120 people. And the cafeteria – now known as the Cromax Cafe – has a calming color scheme in the brand’s colors to provide the perfect area for relaxing during training breaks.

The on-site bodyshop, which has 760 square meters of work areas, includes three spray booths, one of which has very large glass doors/panels, enabling unrestricted viewing of application techniques. Another has special climate-control settings so training can replicate increased humidity for refinishers from northern regions such as Scandinavia, or from hot and humid southern regions such as the Middle East. The bodyshop also has dedicated, branded signage at every step of the repair process to ensure a smooth workflow and maximum productivity during training. And a new, large flat screen monitor in the mixing room allows trainees to follow the step-by-step mixing process easily, no matter where they are standing.

Silverans concludes, “In 2014 we had nearly 2,700 trainees through the door. With our renovated facility, we hope that we can encourage even more to join us this year.”