Elementis, Booth 1630, is introducing a wide range of additives that continue to address formulating needs in zero-VOC and high-solids coating formulas. Among other products, Elementis is introducing:

  • Next-generation THIXATROL® organic thixotropes for sag control in high-solids coatings;
  • DAPRO® silicone-based defoamers that are easy to incorporate and effective against microfoam;
  • RHEOLATE CVS® and RHEOLATE HX Series high-efficiency thickeners that provide superior application properties;
  • NUOSPERSE® APE-free wetting agents and highly efficient waterborne dispersants that offer excellent application and color properties for customers that want to move away from APE-containing additives.

“Elementis continues to introduce innovative, next-generation additives that our customers require to solve their latest formulation challenges,” says David Brown, Director of Coatings Americas for Elementis Specialties.

The next-generation THIXATROL organic thixotropes are easy to use and activate at lower temperatures. They provide a flatter rheology response over incorporation temperature and work in both polar and nonpolar systems. Each product provides superior sag resistance in high-solids protective and heavy-duty coatings.

The newest member of the Elementis RHEOLATE CVS family is RHEOLATE CVS-15 -a next-generation, nonionic associative thickener (NiSAT) designed to provide better application properties and efficiency for waterborne architectural and industrial coatings. RHEOLATE CVS-15 is low VOC and APEO free, and provides improved thickening efficiency versus traditional NiSATs. It imparts excellent viscosity retention on tinting and offers improved color stability.

The new series of DAPRO silicone defoamers are very effective against microfoam, which continues to be a challenge in zero-VOC coatings. These DAPRO products are suitable for deco/waterborne coatings, waterborne wood and industrial coatings, and inks. They offer excellent defoaming, ease of incorporation, high efficiency with minimal impact on gloss, and great compatibility.