Ceramisphere is making its ECS debut this year at Stand 4-602. The company is featuring its unique Inhibispheres® technology for corrosion protection, which can be used to replace standard corrosion inhibitors in paints and coatings. “This is an exciting time for our company and our products. We believe that we are bringing a truly unique and revolutionary technology to market place that provides our customers with a new way to look at corrosion protection,” said Dr. Chris Barbé, Ceramisphere CEO. “Our technology gives you the possibility to future proof your coatings.”

Inhibispheres are a range of controlled-release corrosion inhibitors for the protection of steel and aluminium substrates. The technology is the result of 10 years of joint development with Airbus and is unlike anything currently available on the market.

Inhibispheres are made with a true encapsulation process, where the ceramic matrix is synthesized around the inhibitors in-situ. “The particles are like porous silica, with their pores filled with organic or organometallic corrosion inhibitors,” explains Dr. Andy Noble-Judge, Coating Formulation Specialist. “In terms of morphology it’s best to think of them like hard sponges, which differentiates them from core shell encapsulation products. Our products are capable of being milled or extruded without premature release of the payload.”

Inhibispheres represent a new value proposition to the market of a greener, cost-effective solution for corrosion protection. These materials utilize between 10-30 times less active than traditional corrosion inhibitors. They also give the formulator the ability to simplify coatings by adding functionality to glossy topcoats or DTM coats. Using their sustained-release capabilities, Inhibispheres can extend the lifetime of a coating by simple addition to pre-existing formulations.

“Uniquely, the technology allows you to compatibilize inhibitors that would not normally be accessible to paint formulators due to incompatibilities with the resin system,” says Dr. Noble-Judge. “And the controlled release of the inhibitor gives you the potential to protect an asset over its entire lifetime.”

Ceramisphere is proposing a range of six products: Inhibispheres B, Inhibispheres H and Inhibispheres M are designed to work on aluminium; while Inhibispheres A, Inhibispheres ZB and Inhibispheres ZS are designed to work on steel. Each of these products work on a different time frame, based on their release rate, and can be used in a wide range of paints and coatings to help protect your assets.

For more information www.ceramisphere.com.