At ACS Booth 2279 Pan Technology is featuring its growing line-up of PanTINT® solid powder dispersions. For water-based systemsthe 2 Series features stir-in capability, requiring the least amount of energy to incorporate into a coating or stain. The 4 Series is designed for wood stain applications where high-intensity color and transparency are desired.

For solvent-based systems the 5 Series provides a wide color palette for powder coatings systems. The 13 Series brings color brightness to energy cured coatings, and the 16 Series is designed to colorize nitrocellulose-based coatings and stains.

Pan Technology Inc. is a privately held corporation known for its dispersion technology expertise. Founded in 1949, Pan is a leading manufacturer of clear and pigmented dispersions, serving the architectural and industrial coatings, inks, automotive, plastic and cosmetic industries. PanTINT dispersions are available in resinated or non-resinated platforms. Choose from liquid, paste or solid powders.