Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. (CMC) is showcasing its new “SAM” Solids Addition Module at ACS Booth 1355. The SAM is a powder induction device designed to be used with CMC’s SHRED high shear in-line rotor/stator.

With this new feature users will be able to add solid materials directly into the flowing stream of liquid as it is being fed into the enclosed rotor/stator chamber. A regulating valve located at the bottom of the powder feed hopper allows for total control of the flow of solids into the liquid stream.

Besides creating a cleaner environment and minimizing pigment loss, this SAM and SHRED combination package produces better-quality premixes at a reduced production time compared to basic dispersers. SHRED’s small, compact chamber and close tolerance quickly disperses agglomerates and reduces particles as the solids and the liquid circulate through the rotor/stator.