POZNAN, Poland - On April 28, 2016 Sherwin-Williams officially opened the doors to the company’s new powder plant near Poznan, Poland. At the heart of the new 3,000-square-meter facility lies the new Powdura® Sprint™ low-cure technology for engineered wood and the Powdura OneCure™ dry-on-dry powder coating system – both designed to provide higher quality results, energy savings and improved efficiency.

The new powder plant in Poland contains top-tier manufacturing equipment and a fully equipped paint laboratory. Although the grand opening took place on April 28, the plant has been up and running since the beginning of 2016, and the work to supply manufacturers and finishers with the new powder coating technology has already begun.

“Powdura OneCure has been very well received so far, and interest in the powder-for-wood is growing. Another aim is to offer OEM customers within the electronics and heavy equipment segments a complete global service, while becoming a bespoke supplier of high-technology powders to regional finishing shops and tier suppliers. We believe our new powder plant will make this possible,” said Thomas Bergdahl, President and General Manager, EMEA.

Apart from novel manufacturing techniques and a wide range of powder coating platforms, the new plant allows Sherwin-Williams to increase the value of its offering.

“Customers can now have one supplier responsible for matching color and performance for both their liquid- and powder-coated surfaces. Sherwin-Williams has powder plants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China and now Poland, which means that global customers can get local supply and technical support with consistent quality, color, gloss and performance around the globe,” said Bergdahl.