The RTX Texture Sprayer product line is ideal for interior and exterior finishing of textured materials, including EIFS, drywall mud and decorative finishing. The updated units, with separate models for interior and exterior applications, offer significantly improved production rates and improved finish end results over competing technology.

The RTX Texture Sprayer line features Graco RotoFlex™ & RotoFlex II Pumps, with an exclusive flow-through design that provides smooth material flow for uniform coverage and a consistent spray pattern. The units also feature Graco’s FlexChange pump system, which allows customers to replace the RotoFlex pumps with a spare in seconds, with no tools required.

Some RTX TextureSprayer models include features such as: Graco’s MaxPower DC Motor, which allows users to eliminate the common power issues associated with long extension cords; SmartStart, a feature that lengthens machine service life by shutting the machine off when the sprayer gun trigger is not being pulled; and WideTex, spray tips that improve efficiency by creating an extra wide spray fan pattern.

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