INDIANAPOLIS - Hoover Color Corp. has awarded its Million Pound Club membership to The Chidley & Peto Co.

Chuck Hoover Jr., CEO of Hoover Color, said, “Hoover Color likes to recognize outstanding sales results and The Chidley & Peto Company continues to demonstrate that good sales come from outstanding commitment to customer care. All of us at Hoover Color count ourselves lucky to be associated with such a great organization as The Chidley & Peto Co.”

Roland Chidley, President of The Chidley & Peto Company, remarked, “It's been an honor and privilege to have represented Hoover Color Corporation since 2001. The Chidley & Peto Company prides itself on representing first-class principals and products.  Hoover’s quality pigments, and their commitment to their distribution partners, create a formula for success.”