Powder Technology Inc. has expanded its product offering to include over 100 RAL powder coatings. Every coating in its RAL product line is UL Listed*, high gloss and super Durable, well surpassing the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2603 Standards.

Designed for uniform application properties and superior opacity levels, these coatings cure at a temperature of 350 °F, allowing for energy savings versus many other standard cure product lines. In addition, all of the company’s RAL coatings are high gloss, with ratings of 85+. Using Powder Technology Inc.’s ATP primer plus the company’s Super Durable topcoat, the company typically sees more than 5,000 hours in salt spray cabinets.

Powder Technology Inc. can also supply these RAL coatings to meet rigorous AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 Standards using its Pentabond and Decabond chemistry. Formulated with the highest performance ingredients available, the company’s Decabond coatings deliver proven track records, maintaining superior durability and a minimum of 50% gloss retention after 10 years of Florida exposure.

Powder Technology offers the complete RAL line in custom textures, low gloss/matte, and TGIC-free Primid chemistries upon request.

These super-durable RAL coatings are in stock and ready to ship (depending on inventory) in quantities as low as five pounds.

E-mail orders@powdertechnology.com to place an order. 

*If UL Listing is required, Powder Technology Inc. must be notified upon receipt of the order to ensure proper documentation and packing, at no additional cost to the customer.