PARIS - Chomarat, a producer of engineered textiles and composite reinforcements, is expanding its Coatings & Films business. The company is investing in a new varnishing and finishing line for automotive coated materials, an addition that reinforces the industrial equipment already installed at the Chomarat France site.

“This €2.5 million investment is right in line with Chomarat’s global development strategy. The new line will start producing as early as the beginning of 2017, enabling us to consolidate and increase our penetration of the automotive market. In point of fact, varnishing is a key coating step in parts production that optimizes surface quality,” said Philippe Chomarat, the head of Chomarat Coatings & Films business.

The deposition technology used on Chomarat’s new varnishing line focuses on optimizing the elimination of VOCs in the different chemical formulations. “By choosing to invest in this technology, we are anticipating the changes to REACH regulations,” emphasized Chomarat. The company will be able to assist its customers and propose solutions over the medium term to eliminate the use of solvent-phase varnishes in the finishing of coated materials.

“Varnishing gives the part chemical resistance and mechanical characteristics like abrasion and flexural resistance. To be able to integrate tailored effects (matte, shiny or pearly, etc.) along with new qualitative features into the surface is a considerable advantage for designers,” explained Francisco de Oliveira, the head of Automotive Marketing at Chomarat.

Chomarat is also accelerating the development of thermoplastic polyolefin solutions, which are the defining feature of its OSKIN