CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA – The PPG PAINTS brand has launched its new Preferred Homeowner Portal, a website that provides discounts and rebates off retail pricing to new-home buyers, making paint touchups and updates easier.

“The PPG Paints brand is digitizing how contractors provide painting kits to new-home buyers, making it easier and more efficient to supply exactly what homeowners need to keep the paint perfect in their new homes,” said Tracy Pease, Senior Marketing Manager, PPG Paints stores.

The site offers discounts and coupons for paint and paint accessories to buyers of houses built by contractors who use PPG Paints products. Redeemable at any U.S. PPG Paints store or at participating independent retailers, the discount includes an ongoing 50% off paint and up to 25% off paint accessories, in addition to one free gallon of paint to match the builder’s chosen color scheme and touch up any scuffs left during move-in. If there is no PPG Paints store nearby, homeowners can instead enjoy a mail-in rebate of $5 off per gallon of paint at more than 15,000 retail locations that sell other paint products by PPG. The site also includes a convenient store locator for easier shopping decisions, and it offers helpful indoor and outdoor painting tips to guide homeowners.

The benefits of the new website extend beyond those for homeowners. Thousands of builders that use PPG Paints products also will receive a suite of benefits from using the Preferred Homeowner Portal, including a quick and efficient way to provide customers with products they need to keep their new homes looking great. Professionals also can customize the URL and add a company logo to the site, making it personalized to their firm and customer base. To view the Preferred Homeowner Portal, visit