Intersleek 1000 is a new biocide-free fouling control coating offering fuel and CO2 savings of up to 6%. The product, part of the AkzoNobel's International range, is the first fouling control coating to be based on Lanion technology. The patented technology incorporates bio-renewable raw material that helps to deliver enhanced vessel performance, so that hulls coated with Intersleek 1000 maintain an ultra-smooth surface, reducing drag and lowering fuel consumption and emissions.

The long-term fouling control performance of Intersleek 1000 is equivalent to a self-polishing copolymer (SPC) coating. In addition, when compared with SPC coatings, Intersleek 1000 delivers smoother films upon application, leading to lower hull roughness and improved vessel efficiency. The product also offers eligibility for inclusion in AkzoNobel's carbon credits initiative.