DARMSTADT, Germany – Merck KGa, Darmstadt, Germany, has named blue-glow purple as its effect color of the year for 2017. The violet shade continues the trend towards shades of reddish blue and bluish red. It can be used in a variety of shades in cosmetics, printed and plastic products, and coated surfaces.

"Fruity and fresh like plums and at the same time reminiscent of old roses and ripe fruit are attributes inspiring the trend towards reddish shades. Our versatile trend shade creates both punky and royal impressions through a calm and mysterious color, which can also appear vibrant," said Filip Roscam, Design Director for Pigments & Functional Materials within the Performance Materials business sector.

Effect pigments allow the shade to vary between a more reddish shimmer transitioning to bluish, depending on the viewing angle and properties of the surface.