The HOMAX® brand by PPG unveiled a new and improved formula for the TOUGH AS TILE™ refinishing product, which helps restore the surface of old, stained or discolored porcelain, glazed ceramic tile or fiberglass surfaces. Formulated to meet the needs of professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) customers, the new product enables users to significantly improve the cosmetic appearance of tubs, sinks or tile over a weekend and at a great price.

In addition to being able to restore bathroom surfaces with a glossy, like-new protective finish, the product boasts many improved benefits that make projects even easier for professionals and DIY-ers, such as:

  • Faster dry time, making tubs and sinks ready for use just two days after application – a full day faster compared to the previous formulation;
  • Easier product application, with a new spray tip for comfort, improved spray pattern and improved drip resistance;
  • Higher gloss, giving a porcelain-like finish;
  • Brighter and whiter color, making surfaces look like new; and
  • Tougher finish and increased hardness to stand up to daily use longer.

The product is available in spray-on or brush-on application, depending on the project, and it comes in two popular shades: Bisque, a creamy off-white tone (aerosol only), and White, a clean white (spray-on or brush-on).