Acrythane 4G is a commercial vehicle topcoat from HMG Paints that is suitable for both OEM and refinish work. HMG has worked alongside its customers to introduce a new thinner that speeds up the application process without compromising on finish quality.

Acrythane 4G is a high solids acrylic polyurethane coating developed to meet the stringent requirements of the commercial vehicle market. With an optimized balance of early hardness, fast cure and long pot life, HMG reports that Acrythane 4G is ideal for OEM, repairers and builders within this demanding marketplace. Acrythane 4G is available in a number of colors including those in the new HMG ColourBase Colour Box. 

Initially designed for the commercial vehicle market, Acrythane 4G is now being used in a variety of other industries by users looking for a VOC and REACH compliant topcoat that provides an outstanding gloss final appearance and durability. Acrythane 4G has another unique benefit thanks to its advanced properties and thinner options, Acrythane 4G can be used in cold and warm weather conditions allowing users to produce outstanding finishes all year round.

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