This mini LED light tower features four 500-watt LED lamp heads, a 9,000-watt generator for operation and an adjustable tower built on a wheeled frame for portability.

The WAL-ML-30-9-4X500LTL-LED-9G mini LED light tower from Larson Electronics is an ideal solution for operators who need a fully portable yet easy-to-operate light system capable of illuminating large areas. Equipped with a heavy duty adjustable tower, a 9,000-watt generator, and four 500-watt high-output LED lamps, this mini tower provides operators with an easily deployed lighting system that can provide illumination for up to eight hours on a single tank of gas. This portable lighting system is designed for standalone operation and high mobility while providing enough output to illuminate approximately 175,000 square feet of area effectively. The tower is constructed of heavy gauge steel for durability, and a tough powder coat finish provides protection against rust and corrosion.