TAYLOR MILL, KY - The Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) has released a new Liquid Coatings & Equipment for Industrial Finishing Applications training manual. The 320-page manual was created to encompass the content from two previous CCAI liquid coating manuals (Liquid Organic Coatings and Liquid Coating Application Equipment). The combined manual removed redundancy while offering the most updated information on both coatings and equipment. It includes new color graphics and photos along with several new chapters. The manual serves as a guide to operating a liquid coating system and managing the process for efficiency and profit, with emphasis on practical issues affecting daily operations.

Under the guidance of Editor Jim Gallagher of Harley Davidson, CCAI corporate members contributed new content in every section of the manual. Gallagher commented, “After countless hours of work by a very dedicated team, a completely new version of the CCAI Liquid Coatings & Equipment for Industrial Finishing Applications manual is now available. I am very excited CCAI can offer this resource that serves as a comprehensive resource to support manufacturers and custom coaters that apply liquid paint. No matter the experience level, beginner or seasoned professional, this manual’s content will be a valuable reference. There are several new chapters that have been developed to expand on the information from previous versions to better understand new technologies and further articulate current concepts. This is an awesome opportunity for CCAI to offer another updated manual to the collection of technical reference materials that educate industrial finishers. Thank you to everyone who assisted, contributed or supported the efforts to complete this project.”

Users of the manual will find valuable content throughout the publication along with charts, graphs and images in color. From an introduction to liquid coatings to environmental regulations and everything in between, this book will cover the essential information that all liquid coating finishers need. The manual contains three sections: Liquid Organic Coatings, Liquid Coating Process – Application and Equipment, and Part Processing Considerations. For a complete Table of Contents, visit the CCAI Bookstore at www.ccaiweb.com, click the Education tab and scroll to Training Manuals.

CCAI also offers training manuals on Powder Coating, Pretreatment, Electrodeposition, Systems Design, as well as two Spanish training manuals on Powder Coating and Pretreatment. All manuals are regularly updated to add new material reflecting the current state of finishing technologies.  To order any of the training manuals, visit www.ccaiweb.com and click on the EDUCATION tab, then scroll down to TRAINING MANUALS.