The New Generation SpectroDRIVE boasts a modern, rugged design with an aluminum-clad measurement head and wireless charging. The optical engine now supports multiple measurement modes (M0, M1, M2, and M3) for compliance with G7 and new ISO standards. A laser guide makes it easier to align color bars with the scanner. The new-generation measurement head also integrates a screen to display color/density values, battery/wireless status and show current measurement conditions. 

“The SpectroDRIVE is well-liked by our customers for its speed, versatility, and accuracy. The New Generation SpectroDRIVE brings ruggedness, added convenience and most of all it supports multiple measurement modes to comply with new standards. Scanners are a key to print color control automation. Most of our current scanner installations see considerable use and deliver a great ROI for customers. The New Generation SpectroDRIVE sets a new bar and offers great value,” said Stephen Rankin, Director of Product Development at Techkon USA.