Lamberti Group, thanks to the acquisition of Supercolori (today Lamberti MicroPolymers) can be considered the only company capable of offering, in addition to a complete range of high performing water-based PUD resins, a specific and complete range of PU providing matte effect for metal, wood, flooring, inks and flexible substrates like leather, synthetic leather and textiles.

The Lamberti portfolio includes:

  • Esacote® a complete range of PUD resins, copolymers, low VOC and cosolvent free; 
  • Esacote® and Rolflex® inherent matte PUD (silica free) for a unique and outstanding soft-touch effect;
  • Decosphaera® (100% dry powder) and Adimatt® (35% dry content ) fully reacted PU microspheres available in different particle sizes.

Decosphaera® can be used in combination with Esacote® and Rolflex® to create extra matte coatings with high transparency and mechanical surface resistance. All Decosphaera® grades are compatible with water, solvent and UV systems. The combination of Lamberti technologies allows formulators to create coatings from high gloss to deep matte, with enhanced mechanical performance and haptic effects. Lamberti excellence in Italian chemistry.

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