Cabot Corporation is featuring its treated silica products for industrial and automotive coatings, as well as its high-color specialty carbon blacks for automotive coatings.

Additives for Polyaspartic Coatings

Angelica Sanchez, Ph.D., Applications and R&D Director of Performance Chemicals, presented a Conference paper on Cabot’s silica additives for polyaspartic coatings on Monday.

“We are delighted to share our latest development for coating applications at the show,” said Sanchez. “We designed a material that offers an alternative method for formulation chemists, style designers and end users to efficiently reduce the gloss of polyaspartic coatings without altering their durability and processability. Our team combined the effects that hierarchical structures (formed by networked silica particles) have on increasing light scattering together with silica surface modification technology. This combination makes the final networked treated silica product a suitable matting agent for polyaspartics chemistry.”

Fumed Silica and Alumina Products for Coatings

Cabot’s portfolio of CAB-O-SIL® hydrophobic and hydrophilic silicas and SpectrAl® fumed aluminas are used in many coatings applications including industrial, automotive, architectural, electronics, wood, marine and powder. These additives enable key performance benefits including rheology control, anti-scratch, gloss and anti-corrosion properties. Its line of CAB-O-SPERSE® silica dispersions enable many of the advantages of its fumed metal oxide powders in water-based systems, but with the added benefits of improved ease of use and state of dispersion that result from the liquid delivery system.

Specialty Carbon Blacks for Coatings

Cabot’s line of specialty carbon black products, including its EMPEROR® high-color pigments, offer excellent jetness and electrical conductivity for both water- and solvent-based coatings applications. Cabot’s EMPEROR products are designed for automotive basecoats and deep black masstone applications. The portfolio includes products that utilize Cabot’s proprietary surface treatment technology that breaks the tradeoff between color performance and dispersibility.

“We are excited to engage with the coatings industry at this year’s ECS and showcase our recent innovations, deep formulation expertise and ability to serve customers globally,” said Abhinav Akhoury, Global Market Segment Manager for Coatings. “We invite show attendees to visit our booth to learn more about our expanded portfolio of fumed silica-based rheology modifiers and industry-leading EMPEROR high-color carbon black pigments.”

To learn more about Cabot’s broad portfolio of innovative coatings additives and its commitment to sustainability, visit the company in Hall 1, Stand 1-418, or visit