COROB is presenting tinting solutions in Hall 5, Stand 324. The idea of complete tinting solutions means being able to offer state-of-the-art dispensers for tinting, mixers and shakers, all driven by modern and highly functional software for the point-of-sale environment. Completing the range are the in-plant solutions that contribute to creating efficiency at the factory level. COROB also offers an official service network with a global reach, and can support customers with several types of plans and maintenance programs.

According to Mr. Kaj Brandt, CEO, what gives COROB its special position is the company’s uniqueness. “This show is an excellent event to talk about our full range offering for the paint and coatings industry around the world. COROB has a sales and technical team that are outstanding. On top of this, we have a fantastic distribution and agent network that reaches all customer needs and locations. Our global footprint is further supported by strong R&D, procurement and production distributed at three main sites based in Italy (San Felice), India (Daman) and Finland (Ulvila). COROB employees’ commitment and our “will to succeed” are what make us the best partner for tinting solutions.”

Stefano Brusa, Head of Product and Marketing, stated, “We are very proud to offer such a new range of machines at this event. We are launching for the first time four new models all in one show. We finally can touch the results of various years of development, being able to accomplish advanced technology in terms of durability, connectivity and capability to deliver functions that will sustain our customers’ growth over the years to come. Just as an example, our newly developed tablet-based software can replace a full PC, monitor and keyboard, helping our customers reduce their costs for tinting.”

Showcasing the Latest Generation of Solutions

Brand new models, all of which are being launched this year, are showcased at the COROB boutique stand at the show. This year represents the biggest turnover in the generation of equipment and software being displayed by the company.


The new EVOPWR™ [CX] is the smallest unit within the next generation of modular high-end dispensers, built on the EVO platform that combines the new 5G generation control management system and a wide array of new pumping technologies. The introduction of this new model also coincides with the launch of the first ‘in-house’ built, dual-flow piston pump, the DFP pump (capable of dispensing 0,5L/min or 1L/min of colorant).


The strength of this new automatic, medium-range dispenser is its ergonomically designed frame, allowing operators to do daily operations in a comfortable way, and avoid taking up much space in the store. This unit shares the latest 5G control management technology, with a mix of pump technologies that contribute to low operating costs while also obtaining performance for those high-turnover colorants. The unit can accommodate bellow pumps, in addition to the DFP dual-flow piston pumps with performance up to 1 L/min on selected circuits.

CLEVERmix 700

A return for COROB in designing a fully automatic gyroscopic mixer totally done ‘in-house’. The starting assumption was to make an extremely durable and strong unit. The legacy from which it comes from is a true assurance of performance over time. The distinguishing items like the configurable settings, the bi-directional movement for an optimal mixing cycle and the design gimmicks set it apart from what competition offers. The unit is also very compact in size and very silent while operating the mixing cycle.

EVOshake 500

The new EVOshake 500 is a durable vibrational shaker. The unit is very small and quiet while operating, nonetheless very resistant to daily use. The settings allow users to handle cans of various shapes and materials. Delicate when needed, or strong for the challenging products. Just a few steps away from mixing, by closing the door the cycle begins, without too much hassle. Once done, the door opens automatically.

In-Plant MODULA TDF-VG and Mixing Station MS-LG

The Mixing Station MS-LG is the best solution for automating the flow in high-productivity paint stores or bigger trade centers where the need to mix several tinting base products is key to delivering a fast response to the whole process.

The tinting part for production is instead the task for MODULA TDF-VG, capable of introducing efficiency and flexibility to any sort of production facility. The ‘in-can’ method is enhanced by volumetrically dispensing the bases and the colorants. The flexibility of this unit allows companies to reduce their working capital and make money on each can of product.


One of the first tablet-based POS software products on the market. The modern interface makes working with this new program intuitive and adaptable to all store environments. The combination to the automatic dispenser FIRST1 based on the 5G control system represents a convenient and affordable way to get into the tinting business, grow it or transition from the use of manual dispensers. No PC or other devices are needed to start working.