WASHINGTON — The American Coatings Association (ACA) presented a series of awards recognizing both students and professionals for their innovative work in coatings technology, at the association’s 2017 CoatingsTech Conference. The conference, held March 20-22 in Cleveland, featured the CoatingsTech Best Paper Award, Joseph J. Mattiello Award and Student Poster Session Awards.

The inaugural CoatingsTech Best Paper Award was presented to Kurt Wood, principal scientist at Arkema, for his paper titled, “Evaluation of the ASTM D7869-13 Test Method to Predict the Gloss and Color Retention of Premium Architectural Finishes.” Wood explained that a recently developed xenon arc-based accelerated weathering cycle, ASTM D7869-13, has been validated for automotive and aerospace coatings, but its ability to predict the gloss and color retention of premium architectural finishes was untested. Wood undertook this endeavor, the results of which were offered in his paper, selected as the conference’s best.

The Joseph J. Mattiello Award was presented to Dr. Jamil Baghdachi, who delivered the conference’s Mattiello Lecture. Baghdachi, professor at Eastern Michigan University’s School of Engineers, delivered a lecture titled, “Smart and Functional Polymers and Coatings.” The Joseph J. Mattiello award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to science, technology and/or engineering related to the coatings industry, honoring its namesake who did much to expand the application of science in the decorative and protective coatings field. Baghdachi, who has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of polymers, coatings, adhesives, paints and composites, was selected through a peer-nomination process.

Two Student Poster Session Awards were given to students involved in coatings research, who presented their findings during the CoatingsTech Conference’s poster competition. This forum offered a non-commercial arena for new ideas and techniques, and a showcase for preliminary results related to chemistry, engineering, human relationship or other discipline fundamental to paint, coatings, varnish, lacquer or related protective and decorative coatings.

Kyle Aidukas, of California Polytechnic State University, received the first-place Student Poster Session Award for his poster, “Graphene Oxide-Polyurethane Composites for Corrosion Inhibition.”  In this experiment, these composite films were prepared, and physical properties and corrosion behavior were tested. His poster highlighted the results.

Brittany Pellegrene, of the University of Akron, received the second-place Student Poster Session Award for her poster, “Visible Light Curable Alkyd Coatings.” Alkyd resins are polyesters modified with monobasic fatty acids from renewable seed oils such as tung, linseed and soybean oil. Her research and poster showed the development of visible light curable alkyds.

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